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Earning hiking patches can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience, adding a layer of excitement and achievement to any hiking adventure. These patches symbolize not only the completion of a specific trail or route but also the determination, resilience, and passion for exploring the great outdoors. They serve as tangible mementos of the breathtaking landscapes, challenging terrains conquered, and the memories created along the way. With each patch earned, there comes a sense of accomplishment and pride, motivating hikers to push their limits, discover new trails, and connect with nature on a deeper level. The process of collecting patches becomes a delightful pursuit, fostering a community of like-minded enthusiasts who share a common love for the wilderness and a desire to continuously challenge themselves.

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Be Safe!

Hiking safety is paramount for a successful and enjoyable outdoor adventure. Prioritize preparation by researching your chosen trail, packing appropriate gear, and sharing your itinerary with a trusted person. Dress for the weather, stay hydrated, and carry essential items like a map, first-aid kit, and emergency communication tools. Follow trail etiquette, respect wildlife, and be ready to adjust your plans for unexpected weather conditions. Group hiking is recommended, and having a clear emergency protocol ensures you’re well-prepared for any situation. With these precautions, you can relish the beauty of nature while staying safe on the trail.

Hike with Others

Try not to hike alone. There are many hiking groups. Find others you will enjoy hiking with.

Get Your NH Hike Safe Card

Get your NH Hike Safe Card to support the rescuers. You never know when you will need them.

The 10 Essentials

Learn what the 10 essentials are and have them in your pack.

Tell Others Your Plan

Make sure others know your plans like where you will be hiking and when you are expected back.

Check the Weather

Make sure you check the weather for the mountain you are hiking. In many places the weather in the mountains is different from ground level.

The Mountain Will Be There

If your hike isn't going to plan, don't worry about turning around. The mountain will always be there for you to try again.

NH 48 4000-ft patch

Hiking New Hampshire’s 48 4,000-foot peaks is a challenging and rewarding endeavor, often pursued by avid hikers seeking to earn the “48 4k Footer” patch. These peaks, mostly part of the White Mountains, offer stunning vistas and a chance to experience the state’s natural beauty. To earn the patch, hikers must complete all 48 peaks, which often involves extensive planning, navigation skills, and physical endurance. The accomplishment is a testament to one’s commitment to the outdoors and a deep appreciation for New Hampshire’s rugged landscapes. Each peak has its own unique character and charm, making the journey a memorable adventure for those who take on the challenge.

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52 With a View patch

Earning the '52 With a View' patch is a remarkable achievement for hikers in New Hampshire. This hiking challenge involves summiting 52 scenic peaks in the state, each offering breathtaking views and distinct natural beauty. It’s not only a testament to one’s dedication to exploration but also a celebration of the diverse landscapes that New Hampshire has to offer. Completing this challenge provides a deep connection to the state’s wilderness and a strong sense of accomplishment, making it a sought-after recognition among outdoor enthusiasts.

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...and many more patches

There are many more patches available at for all different abilites.

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