Belknap Range

Belknap Range

How to get this patch

To earn this patch:

  1. Hike all peaks in the list
  2. Send your list and a small fee to Belknap County Sportsmen’s Association

Upcoming Hikes

Sat Feb 10 2024Belknap Mountain Range Traverse (Winter Advanced)


1Mount Rowe1690 ft
2Gunstock Mountain2250 ft
3Bellknap Mountain2382 ft
4Piper Mountain2044 ft
5Klem Mountain2001 ft
6Mack Mountain1945 ft
7West Quarry1894 ft
8Straitback South1890 ft
9Rand Mountain1883 ft
10Mount Major1786 ft
11Whiteface Mountain1660 ft
12Anna Mountain1660 ft