LRCT Achievement Patch

LRCT Achievement Patch

How to get this patch

To earn this patch:

  1. Hike all trails and peaks in the Lakes Region Conservation Trust (LRCT) Castle in the Clouds Conservation
  2. Send your list and a small fee to Lakes Region Conservation Trust

Upcoming Hikes



1Bald Knob1801 ft
2Black Snout2803 ft
3Mount Shaw2990 ft
4Mount Roberts2582 ft
5Turtleback Mountain2203 ft


1Bald Knob Cutoff1 miles
2Bald Knob0.75 miles
3Black Snouth Trail1.7 miles
4Brook Walk0.8 miles
5Cold Spring Trail1.3 miles
6Faraway Mountain Connector Trail0.5 miles
7Faraway Mountain Trail2.9 miles
8High Ridge Trail2.5 miles
9Lower Bridle Path1 miles
10Mount Roberts Trail2.5 miles
11Oak Ridge Cutoff1 miles
12Oak Ridge Trail1.2 miles
13Pond Trail0.5 miles
14Settlement Trail1 miles
15Shannon Brook Trail1 miles
16Turtleback Mountain Trail5.3 miles
17Turtleback Summit Trail0.5 miles
18Upper Bridle Trail0.75 miles
19Whitten Trail0.2 miles