Northeast 111

Northeast 111

How to get this patch

To earn this patch:

  1. Hike all trails in the list
  2. Send your list and a small fee to AMC Four Thousand Footer Club

Upcoming Hikes

Sat Dec 30 2023Hiking Mount Cannon
Sat Dec 30 2023Winter Hike to Liberty and Flume
Sat Dec 30 2023End 2023 with the Osceolas
Sat Dec 30 2023Whiteface and Passaconaway
Sat Jan 06 2024AMC NH - Mount Liberty Out & Back Hike
Sat Jan 06 2024North and Middle Tripyramids in Winter
Sat Jan 06 2024Mt Pierce (Advanced Winter Hike)
Sat Jan 20 2024Adams and Madison Winter Adventure
Sat Jan 20 2024North and South Kinsman (Advanced - 10 miles)
Sat Jan 27 2024WHP: North & South Kinsman
Sat Feb 03 2024SEM Beginner Winter Hiking Series #4 - Mt. Moosilauke
Sun Feb 04 2024Explore Your Inner Winter Hiker (Track II): Mt Tecumseh
Sat Feb 10 2024NH48 Progress Winter Hiking Series (Track 2) Mt. Pierce
Sat Feb 17 2024Avalon, Field, Willey and Tom in Winter
Sat Feb 17 2024Winter Hike to Kinsman
Sat Feb 17 2024Explore Your Inner Winter Hiking (Track 2): Mt Tom, Crawford Notch NH
Sat Feb 24 2024NH48 Progress Winter Hiking Series (Track 2) - Mt Wambek (NH48) and Mt Starr King (52WAV)
Sat Mar 02 2024Explore your inner winter hike: Mount Moosilauke (Group A)
Sat Mar 02 2024Explore your inner winter hike: Mount Moosilauke (Group B)
Sat Mar 09 2024Tom, Field and Willey
Sat May 11 2024Mount Osceola via Greeley Pond Trail


1Mount Washington6288 ft
2Mount Adams5774 ft
3Mount Jefferson5712 ft
4Mount Monrose5384 ft
5Mount Madison5367 ft
6Katahdin5268 ft
7Mount Lafeyette5260 ft
8Mount Lincoln5089 ft
9South Twin4902 ft
10Carter Dome4832 ft
11Mount Moosilauke4802 ft
12Mount Eisenhower4780 ft
13North Twin4761 ft
14Katahdin, Hamlin Peak4756 ft
15Mount Carrigain4610 ft
16Mount Bond4540 ft
17Middle Carter Mountain4610 ft
18West Bond4540 ft
19Mount Garfield4500 ft
20Mount Liberty4459 ft
21South Carter Mountain4430 ft
22Wildcat Mountain4422 ft
23Mount Hancock4420 ft
24Mount Mansfield4393 ft
25South Kinsman4358 ft
26Mount Field4340 ft
27Mount Osceola4340 ft
28Mount Flume4328 ft
29South Hancock4319 ft
30Mount Pierce4310 ft
31North Kinsman4293 ft
32Mount Willey4285 ft
33Bondcliff4265 ft
34Zealand Mountain4260 ft
35Sugarloaf (Stratford)3710 ft
36Killington Peak4083 ft
37Crocker Mountain4226 ft
38Mount Tripyramid4180 ft
39Old Speck4160 ft
40Mount Cabot4170 ft
41Mount Osceola, East Peak4156 ft
42NorthBrother4151 ft
43Bigelow Mountain4145 ft
44Middle Tripyrimad4140 ft
45Saddleback Mountain4120 ft
46Cannon Mountain4100 ft
47Avery Peak4088 ft
48CamelsHump4078 ft
49Mount Ellen4083 ft
50Mount Hale4154 ft
51Mount Jackson4052 ft
52Mount Tom4051 ft
53Mount Abraham4006 ft
54South Crocker Mountain4040 ft
55Wildcat, D4050 ft
56Mount Moriah4049 ft
57Mount Passaconaway4043 ft
58Owl's Head, East Peak4025 ft
59Galehead Mountain4024 ft
60Saddleback Mountain - The Horn4041 ft
61Mount Whiteface4020 ft
62Mount Redington4000 ft
63Spaulding Mountain4000 ft
64Mount Waumbek4006 ft
65Mount Abraham4006 ft
66Mount Isolation4004 ft
67Mount Tecumseh4003 ft
68Mount Marcy5344 ft
69Algonquin Peak5115 ft
70Algonquin Peak5115 ft
71Mount Skylight4925 ft
72Iroquios Peak4843 ft
73Basin Mountain4826 ft
74Gray Peak4826 ft
75Dix Mountain4823 ft
76Gothics4734 ft
77Mount Colden4715 ft
78Giant Mountain4626 ft
79Santanoni Peak4606 ft
80Mount Redfied4606 ft
81Nippletop4593 ft
82Wright Peak4587 ft
83Saddleback Mountain4528 ft
84Panther Peak4442 ft
85Armstrong Mountain4442 ft
86Table Top Mountain4413 ft
87Hough Peak4409 ft
88Rocky Peak Ridge4390 ft
89Macomb Mountain4370 ft
90Mount Marshall4364 ft
91Allen Mountain4347 ft
92Seward Mountain4331 ft
93Esther Mountain4239 ft
94Upper Wolfjaw Mountain4203 ft
95Big Slide Mountain4199 ft
96Slide Mountain4199 ft
97Lower Wolfjaw Mountain4173 ft
98Phelps Mountain4160 ft
99Street Mountain4134 ft
100Sawteeth4134 ft
101Donaldson Mountain4108 ft
102Cascade Mountain4098 ft
103Seymour Mountain4091 ft
104Porter Mountain4068 ft
105South Dix4068 ft
106Hunter Mountain4040 ft
107Mount Emmons4039 ft
108Mount Colvin4035 ft
109East Dix Mountain4026 ft
110Dial Mountain4003 ft
111Blake Mountain3970 ft
112Cliff Mountain3944 ft
113Nye Mountain3839 ft
114Couchsachraga Peak3793 ft
115Whiteface Mountain4865 ft