Wachusett Redline

Wachusett Redline

How to get this patch

  1. Hike all the trails in and peaks the list
  2. Send your list and a small fee to the Town of Princeton

Upcoming Hikes

Thu Dec 28 2023SEM Beginner Winter Hiking Series - Wachsett #2


1Wachusett Mountain1998 ft


1Balance Rock Trail0.4 miles
2Bicentennial Trail1 miles
3Bolton Pond Trail0.6 miles
4Dickens Trail0.8 miles
5Donbrowo Trail0.6 miles
6Echo Lake Trail0.4 miles
7Harrington Trail1.4 miles
8High Meadow Trail0.4 miles
9High Meadow Trail0.7 miles
10Link Trail0.7 miles
11Loop Trail0.4 miles
12Lower Link Trail0.3 miles
13Mountain House0.9 miles
14Old Indian Trail1.2 miles
15Pine Hill Trail0.5 miles
16Semuhenna1.1 miles
17Stagecoach Trail0.5 miles
18West Side Trail1 miles
19Windmill Trail0.2 miles